A Great Life by Ernie Rogers

From Muruga:

"My dear friend Ernie is a lover of telling stories. He is also a great artist. One day he came to my Sage Ct. recording studio for a visit and started to tell a story. Doug Weaver, another longtime friend, was there and he was recording a bass track with me. So I told Ernie to stop telling the story. I got him a microphone and put the music that we were working on in the headphones, and told Ernie to continue telling his story to the music. We got such a kick out of how it turned out that we decided to have him record all the old favorite stories of his life, and now we have this album - a real joy to do. It's all a part of what happens when friends and artists hang together... A great life!!!

So the recording is a story of a life - from being born in Nazi-Germany to the inner city streets and gambling in the darkness of the pool halls and bowling alleys to the creation and creativity of an artist and resolving the inner light of consciousness and Spirit. Aside from a trip here and was a GREAT LIFE!"


Ernie Rogers - Voice
Muruga Booker - Nada Drum, Conga, Electronic Drums, Keyboards
Doug Weaver - Bass Guitar

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