Booker and Bridges DaLight

"Might be Funk to You" - First single from Booker & Bridges WORLD JAMDEMIC

Booker and Bridges DaLight - World Jamdemic


"World Jamdemic" by Booker & Bridges DaLight is coming out on vinyl, CD, Spotify, and all major streaming!

Look out for the single - "IT MIGHT BE FUNK TO YOU"

Featuring The Coir of DaLight


Booker and Bridges DaLight

Booker & Bridges DaLight's first studio album, WORLD JAMDEMIC - released on Media Stream LLC in 2021 - sees the renowned Detroit born drummer/producer Muruga Booker team up with Texas "Fire Brand" singer/guitarist Justin James Bridges, to create their approach towards their progressive sound - fusing Rock, Blues, Funk, and Rap music to create their FREE FUNK SOUND.

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WORLD JAMDEMIC - Produced by Muruga and Bridges

The new LP finds DaLight enlisting ex-Parliament Funkadelic guitarist Tony 'Strat' Thomas to lend his psychedelic funk sonics to the project along with David Winans II, of the legendary Detroit gospel family, on bass guitar. Bridges brought long-time friend Emiko to WORLD JAMDEMIC where she lent her high-powered Hammond/keyboard virtuosity to the album while Paul VornHagen brings funky horn lines to the jam with Shakti Ma providing backing vocals.

Easy to dance to but not easy to classify BOOKER & BRIDGES DaLight's WORLD JAMDEMIC is a sonic journey into the positive light and sound waves of music, dance, and trance!

  • Muruga Booker


    Muruga is a American born Serbian drummer, producer, and P-Funk All Star. Muruga Booker has been making music since the 1950s. Starting out as Steve Booker drumming in the Low Rocks out of Detroit, MI, Muruga would go on to perform with everyone from Brenda Lee, Bob Dylan, and John Lee Hooker to taking the name of Muruga while performing at the Woodstock Festival in '68 with Tim Hardin and continuing on to record and perform with Weather Report, Parliamant-Funkadelic, Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders, as well as creating music as a solo artist and band leader of Muruga Cosmic Boogie.

  • Justin James Bridges


    Justin James Bridges is an American singer-songwriter and musician known for his versatile guitar work and powerful vocals. Born in Bandera, Texas, JJB has been touring the country and gearing up for his next albums. Bridges plays music from the soul and doesn’t know any other way. Self-taught by listening to legends like Hendrix, Muddy Waters, and The Doors, JJB’s distinctive picking style and fret work are reminiscent of earlier times in American music. As he developed, Bridges added in aspects of other music including funk, soul, hip-hop, and even some reggae to fill out his sound and give him the unique genre blending style people have come to love.

  • Tony "Strat" Thomas

    Guitar / Vocals
    Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Tony “Strat” Thomas started out playing a six-string razor in high school. After Thomas’ mother saw his talent she bought him a Stratocaster Guitar. The rest is history. In 1978, George Clinton gave Thomas a shot to play in the studio with the Sterling Silver Starship. As Thomas continued to work with Clinton as a studio musician, Clinton gave Thomas his big break. Thomas joined George Clinton, Bootsy Collinton and P-Funk to record and perform with The Parliament Funkadelic’s for over 20 years. In addition to playing guitar in Booker & Bridges DaLight, Tony is currently a member of Muruga Cosmic Boogie.



    Emiko is known for virtuosic shredding with equal proficiency on piano, Hammond organ and ‘Carlos,’ her custom made Alesis Wireless Vortex keytar. Since her 2001 debut album “Here Lies Tinkerbell,” the prolific songwriter and recording artist has delivered a steady string of singles, EPs and albums which have met critical and popular success at every turn. Emiko has shared the stage with legends like Cyndi Lauper and even appeared in the 6.5 million views of the music video “Lay Your Head On Me” by Major Lazer and Marcus Mumford.

  • David Winnans II

    Bass/Vocals/Choir Director
    David Winans II is an instrumentalist; first as bassist for "The Winanaires," the earliest version of the Winans as a gospel quartet, before they became "The Testimonial Singers." While they were the "Testimonial Singers," David switched to guitars. After the change to "The Winans," David continued to play guitar under the production of Bill Maxwell, and then Quincy Jones' label Qwest Records for the Grammy award-winning "Let My People Go" album. David also has solo Christian rock projects, Xairia, DWP, and more recently, David Winans' pi. With the group pi in existence, David has won 10 Detroit Music Awards for Outstanding Songwriter, Outstanding Instrumentalist, and Outstanding Performance. He also won Outstanding Instrumentalist with his premiere recording with Righteous Through God. And most recently 3 Detroit Music Awards for the song, 'Will You Bring Me There Again,' which he collaborated with Joya Koch, on lyrics.


    Muruga Booker - Drums, Nada Drums, Vocals
    Justin James Bridges - Guitar, Vocals
    Tony Strat Thomas - Guiat, Vocals
    David Winans II - Bass, Vocals
    EMIKO - Organ, Synth, Key Tar, Talk Box
    Shakti Ma - Vocals

    Paul Vornhagen - Tenor & Soprano Saxaphone, Flute
    Choir of DaLight - Fareece Cargill, Ursula Brown, Kenny KB Brown, Mercedes Scott, Fredrick Purifoy
    Kali Rose - Harp, Vocal
    Lily Kushmanda - Harp

    Basic tracks and pre-mix recorded at Sage Court Studio, Ann Arbor, MI
    Engineers - Aaron Bookvich, Justin James Bridges, Muruga Booker for Media Stream LLC

    Keyboards recorded at Rose City Produtions
    Choir Vocals produced by Winans Productions at Plymouth Rock Studio
    Record mix and mastering by Greg Riley, The Disk Ltd, Eastpoint, MI